Alberto Ceccaroni

Alberto Ceccaroni was born in Cesena on 25th June, 1968.

After studying accountancy, he devoted himself for twenty years in the Tourism Industry
as a hotel director.

In 2000 he began directing the Sports Centre Sportilia, where he continues to work to
this day.

His approach to painting was late and totally random!
In the early part of 2007, Ceccaroni discovered by chance his passion for painting from
an ordinary box of oil paints which he received as a gift.

From the charm of this wooden "treasure chest" together with his magical content is
literally struck.
Driven by an irresistible, instinctive, almost visceral impulse he enters into a new
world, a new dimension, into a deep experience just as the painting may be.

He then begins to study and research the techniques and materials to be used together
with the sensitivity of painters and artists he meanwhile knows.

The journey has just begun, many nights spent painting seeking an end result that can
steal a smile, a reflection, an emotion to the viewer through his work.